How the Direction Of Your Home Impacts the Windows You Ought To Choose

Your choice of window can have a profound impact on the method your house looks, and its energy efficiency, but the advantages of a double (or triple) glazed window depend upon where they’re placed. The reason why is simple: sunshine does not originate from every direction at the same time, however from any place the sun might be in the sky.

Stopping working to account for this when you select your windows is most likely to suggest wasted energy. Let’s therefore examine how the position of your home may influence the type of windows you select.

North-facing windows
Considering that we in Britain live in the northern hemisphere, we experience our sunshine from a southerly instructions. South-facing windows are exposed to sunshine for much of the day. North-facing ones, by contrast, remain in near-constant shade.

In order to see what this might indicate, let’s think about why triple-glazed windows aren’t as popular in Surrey as they are in, say, Svalbard (envisioned above– a Norwegian island chain in the Arctic Ocean). This reason is simple: the more panes of glass that you stack atop one another, the more you’ll slow the spread of heat (and light) from one side to the other. This will keep heat inside your home, however it’ll also prevent sunlight from heating up your home as successfully. If the window isn’t exposed to direct sunshine, nevertheless, this will not be a problem you need to think about– which makes triple-glazed windows better in colder environments, and worth the included cost.

South-facing windows When it pertains to south-facing windows in cooler climates (and we’re including the UK in this), the opposite uses– we wish to allow the maximum quantity of heat that strikes the window to go through into your home. This indicates using low-emissivity glass.

This sort of glass is covered in an exceptionally thin coating of metal, developed to function as a filter. It will obstruct ultraviolet light (whose rays have a wavelength of around 300-400 nanometres) while enabling everything else through. Visible light and infra-red rays which warm up your home will enter essentially unblocked– and after that they’ll be caught by a comparable coating on the other side.

Other factors to think about
Obviously, choosing which windows to purchase isn’t just a matter of whipping out a compass and figuring out which instructions your home faces. For something, not all homes are arranged completely parallel to the equator; most of them are at an angle so that no side can really be said to be north-or-south dealing with. This will undermine the advantage of a given sort of window technology.

That said, choosing a window that’s appropriate for the position of your house can help yield the maximum possible efficiency saving and is therefore still something worth thinking about.

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